Historic Northwest Portland

Portland's Northwest District

The greater area around NW 23rd Avenue and NW Lovejoy St., known generally as Northwest (a.k.a Northwest 23rd, Nob Hill, and The Alphabet District) is among Portland's best spots to find residential streets densely packed with some of the city's oldest and most wonderful historic houses.

Many very large, ornate historic houses line the streets around NW 23rd. One has to walk this neighborhood slowly and take time to appreciate the overwhelming treat for the eyes this architectural goldmine bears. Houses dating to the late 1800's are not unusual. Styles prominent in Northwest include Craftsman, Foursquare, Arts & Crafts, Victorian, Old Portland Style, and Queen Anne.

NW 23rd is also famous for it's rather trendy shopping and dining, The somewhat touristy zone is popular with locals as well.

A good portion of Northwest is comprised of the Alphabet District. A designated historic preservation district, the Alphabet District is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Northwest District is border by the Pearl on the east and Goose Hollow to the south.

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